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Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Inbound marketing techniques enable businesses to drive visitors to their websites without investing huge resources. A business can increase its website traffic consistently by running multiple inbound marketing campaigns simultaneously. But no business can achieve preset digital marketing goals without measuring and improving conversion rate optimization. According to Wikipedia, “Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the […]

Web Analytics Tools for Businesses

Best Web Analytics Tools for Businesses

The average daily time spent online by internet users has been increasing steadily. The consistent increase in desktop and internet consumption per capita creates opportunities for businesses to drive and increase traffic to their website by implementing various inbound marketing strategies. A business can drive more visitors to its website from multiple channels by running […]

Acquisition Marketing Strategy: A Brief Guide

Acquisition Marketing Strategy: A Brief Guide

While planning various marketing campaigns, enterprises target both existing and new customers. But businesses focus on promoting their products or services to new consumers while planning acquisition marketing campaigns. They promote a product or service to a new customer base through multiple customer acquisition channels. However, they always target new customers who are either in […]

Inbound Marketing Strategies-for your business in 2022

Inbound Marketing Strategies for Your Business in 2022

Unlike traditional or outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not require your business to reach out to potential customers. Instead, inbound marketing strategies enable your business to attract, influence, and convert prospects by delivering valuable content and experiences. In addition to curtailing customer acquisition costs, inbound marketing strategies help your increase website traffic and generate more […]

Free Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

Free Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

Enterprises implement multichannel marketing strategies to achieve a variety of goals – create brand awareness, generate leads, drive sales conversions, and promote customer loyalty. But entrepreneurs cannot achieve preset goals without managing multiple marketing campaigns efficiently and simultaneously. Premium and free marketing tools make it easier for entrepreneurs to plan and manage multichannel marketing campaigns […]

Top Digital Marketing Channels - The 9 Most Essential Ones for your Business

Top Digital Marketing Channels: The 9 Most Essential Ones for your Business

In the post-pandemic world, the average daily time spent by people on digital media is all set to increase to just under eight hours. The steady increase in the average digital media time and online media consumption creates opportunities for your business by running marketing campaigns using digital technologies and through digital marketing channels. Your […]

MQL to SQL Conversion Rate

MQL to SQL Conversion Rate

As a key stage in the formal sales process, lead qualification helps your business identify marketing-ready leads (MQL) and sales-ready leads (SQL) through the evaluation of open leads generated through various marketing campaigns and channels. The SQLs have already entered the sales funnel. Hence, your sales team can close sales deals by connecting and communicating […]