Marketing Automation Tools in India

Marketing Automation Tools in India

A recent report published by LinkedIn suggests that about 90% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India have already invested in marketing automation. In addition to automating routine and repetitive marketing activities, marketing automation helps them increase conversion rates by nurturing leads across marketing channels.

Leading marketing automation tools in India help marketers generate high-quality leads, nurture high-value leads, personalize customer journeys, and monitor cross-channel marketing campaigns. Also, they make the marketing process data-driven using Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics.

Hence, your company or startup can control costs and gain a competitive advantage by implementing the right marketing automation tools. We are making it easier for your organization to switch from manual marketing to marketing automation by discussing some of these widely used marketing automation tools in India.

Overview of 7 Widely-Used Marketing Automation Tools in India


The marketing automation software provided by Hubspot is hugely popular with marketers due to its intuitive user interface (UI) and robust features. Also, businesses can boost the software seamlessly with many sales and marketing tools.

In addition to automating routine marketing tasks, the marketing automation tool enables campaign automation by building bots and customizing workflow. Marketers can use the software to convert and nurture leads by sending the right message at the right time based on specific actions and conditions.

At the same time, the software helps them score leads, follow up with leads, and trigger notifications when a lead takes specific actions. Your organization can implement Hubspot marketing automation software by choosing from two monthly payment plans – Professional and Enterprise.

Marketo Engage

Adobe has built Marketo Engage as a B2B and B2C marketing automation platform. In addition to facilitating marketing and sales alignment, the software helps your team predict, segment, and nurture leads using AI technologies. Also, marketers can engage potential customers online and offline based on customer-triggered events.

Marketo Engage leverages customers’ demographic and behavioral data to deliver the right message at the right time. In addition, it helps marketers personalize customer experiences, boost cross-channel engagement, monitor marketing campaigns, and find partnership opportunities without putting in extra time and effort.

However, the features and tools provided by Marketo Engage will vary according to your choice of pricing plan. Your company can access the software by subscribing to four distinct pricing plans – Growth, Select, Prime, and Ultimate. helps enterprises automate a crucial process like customer messaging. Marketers can use the marketing automation tool to engage customers by delivering emails, push notifications, text messages, transactional messages, one-time messages, and in-app messages to customers automatically.

At the same time, groups and segments customers using a variety of attributes. A marketer has the option to group customers based on their personal attributes, pages viewed by them, and actions taken by them while interacting with a product.

In addition, they can perform A/B testing to send the best version of a message to customers and personalize messages based on real-time data. Your organization can implement this marketing automation tool by subscribing to the Essential, Premium, or Enterprise pricing plan.

Constant Contact

This marketing automation tool helps marketers capture new leads and nurture them by sending timely emails. Marketers can use Constant Contact to capture leads by building appealing landing pages. At the same time, the templates provided by the software help them create engaging emails without putting in extra time and effort.

The A/B testing tool provided by the software helps them compare multiple versions of an email message. In addition, Constant Contact helps marketers convert leads by sending emails early and timely. They can further build and manage email lists effortlessly using the tool provided by Constant Contact.

The recent version of Constant Contact helps enterprises find new customers by running automated social media and SMS marketing campaigns. Your company can avail of this email marketing automation solution by subscribing to the Lite, Standard, or Premium pricing plan.


In addition to featuring customer relationship management (CRM) software, ActiveCampaign comes with marketing and email marketing automation tools. The CRM software helps marketers manage relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers without using additional tools.

At the same time, marketing automation tools provided by the platform tracks actions taken by website visitors, collect their email addresses using sign-up forms, find valuable leads by assigning scores, and nurture them by sending automated emails. In addition, marketers can track and measure campaign performance using built-in reporting and analytics tools.

The email marketing tools provided by ActiveCampaign help marketers engage customers by sending a variety of automated emails – triggered emails, targeted emails, transaction emails, and broadcast emails. Your organization can implement this marketing automation tool by choosing from four pricing plans – Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.


Autopilot personalizes and automates cross-channel marketing activities. It enables marketers to capture new leads and nurture them by sending personalized messages. In addition to onboarding and educating leads, marketers can use analytics solutions to understand and visualize customer data.

Autopilot makes it easier for them to capture leads and follow up with them by providing ready-to-use templates. At the same time, the marketing team can use the software to automate routine tasks like website tracking, customer journey mapping, and data-driven marketing.

In addition, they can use an email marketing tool to segment recipients, conduct A/B testing, and send personalized emails automatically. Your team can evaluate the features and tools provided by Autopilot by starting a free trial before upgrading to a premium version.


The B2B marketing automation software provided by Salesforce integrates customer data collected from various channels using a CRM system. In addition, it delivers connected customer journeys across channels by facilitating lead generation and cross-channel lead nurturing.

Marketers can use the software to capture and segment leads at the point of capture. They can further score leads based on real-time data using an AI-powered lead scoring and grading tool. Salesforce makes it easier for them to identify high-value accounts and nurture them using key account insights.

Salesforce boosts marketing automation by delivering real-time sales insights based on an account’s interaction and features an account-based marketing dashboard. You can avail of the B2B marketing automation software by choosing from three pricing plans – Marketing Cloud Personalization, Marketing Cloud Engagement, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.


While switching from manual marketing to marketing automation, your firm has the option to choose from many popular marketing automation tools in India. But you should focus on implementing software that is easy to use, customize, integrate, and scale.

At the same time, you need to ensure that the tech tool automates the desired marketing activities and tasks. In addition, you should prioritize software that boosts the marketing process by leveraging intelligence technologies and data analytics.

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