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Inside Sales Software for Your Business

The selling strategies or sales methods used by enterprises can be broadly divided into two categories – inside sales and outside sales. Salespeople engaged in outside sales sell products or services by meeting potential customers in person. They meet customers by visiting their offices or at industry events like conferences and trade shows.

The salespeople engaged in inside sales sell products or services to customers remotely in an office environment. They connect and communicate with potential customers using popular communication channels like phone, emails, social media, text messaging, live chat, and video chat.

They need robust tech tools to streamline and optimize the inside sales process. Your company or startup can provide the necessary digital tools to the inside sales team by implementing inside sales software. Inside sales solutions simplify lead generation, nurturing, and conversion activities through automation.

Also, they help insider sales representatives close more deals by sharing data-driven insights. Your organization can streamline the inside sales process by implementing several special-purpose software applications. We are making it easier for you to automate the process by evaluating some of the best inside sales software for your business.

Overview of 11 of the Best Inside Sales Software for Your Business

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

The business-focused social networking platform provides two premium inside sales tools – Navigator and Insights. Sales Navigator helps users find prospects based on their buying intent, prioritize accounts based on real-time data, and strengthen customer relationships using advocates.

Salespeople can find and shortlist potential customers using a slew of filters. The software sends automated notifications each time a customer visits a business profile or engages with content. At the same time, Sales Insights makes it easier for users to nurture leads and close deals by sharing actionable insights and data.

Salespeople can use the software to divide leads into relevant segments and measure sales opportunities. Your company can access these popular inside sales solutions by subscribing to the Core, Advanced, or Advanced Plus pricing plan.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub provides inside sales representatives with tools for deepening customer relationships and closing more deals. Salespeople can use sales engagement tools to prospects through contextual conversation.

Also, they can use the software to manage leads, monitor upcoming sales activities, track emails opened by prospects, and prioritize sales calls. Sales Hub makes it easier for users to schedule meetings, access the required resources, create deal pipelines, and send sales quotes.

In addition, the software uses AI algorithms to facilitate the seamless movement of leads across the sales process. You can boost the software’s functionality by integrating it with the free CRM software provided by HubSpot. At present, HubSpot allows you to bundle the required inside sales solutions by subscribing to the Starter, Professional, or Enterprise pricing plan.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce has developed Sales Cloud as AI-powered CRM software for sales teams. The cloud-based CRM system boosts the efficiency of inside sales representatives by providing sales automation tools. In addition to centralizing customer data, these tools automate complex sales processes and workflows.

Salespeople can access these tools to streamline important activities like lead management, opportunity management, forecast management, and pipeline management. Also, these tools help them initiate contextual conversations with prospects by capturing emails, events, and similar engagement activities.

The software uses AI to help salespeople prioritize accounts based on their profile information. The dashboard provided by the software helps managers provide sales representatives with the information required to close deals faster. Your company currently has the option to choose from three editions of Sales Cloud – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Close CRM

Close CRM helps your inside sales team reach more prospects by automating the sales workflow. Your team can use the software to create prospect lists and prioritize leads based on real-time data. At the same time, they can initiate customer relationships effortlessly using the calling, emailing, SMS, and video features provided by the CRM system.

The software allows users to trigger sales workflows either manually or automatically. At the same time, the built-in call assistant enables representatives to focus only on customers by producing transcripts accurately and automatically. You can integrate Close CRM with existing sales tools. Your organization can leverage the CRM system by subscribing to the Startup, Professional, or Enterprise pricing plan.


Calendly is a premium schedule automation tool. It helps inside sales representatives speed up sales cycles and close more deals by scheduling more meetings. Representatives can use Calendly to connect with prospects before competitors. Also, the software keeps prospects engaged between meetings by enabling salespeople to send automated emails and text reminders.

Calendly uses advanced data analytics to detect and recommend popular meeting trends to users. Also, salespeople can allow recipients to decide on the meeting time by embedding relevant links in the email. The free edition of the software supports a single event type with multiple meetings. You have to subscribe to the Standard, Teams, or Enterprise pricing plan to get multiple event types support.


The CRM software streamlines inside sales process by providing a slew of tools. Inside sales teams can use Insightly to capture information about prospects, prioritize leads using relevant criteria, and track the real-time status of each deal. At the same time, Insightly Marketing helps them build sales pipelines and nurture leads through automation.

The tool makes it easier for users to share the right content with leads by providing customizable email templates and landing page designers. Insightly Sales boosts customer experiences by helping the support team close tickets quickly. Insightly allows you to subscribe to the CRM software, marketing automation tools, and help desk solutions individually.


This cloud-based CRM system focuses extensively on meeting the needs of inside sales representatives. Your team can organize the sales process using Pipedrive as a customizable CRM. Also, they can integrate the software seamlessly with many tools and services. Your team can use the software to create visual pipelines and customize them by adding custom stages and fields.

At the same time, Pipedrive facilitates personalized communication by allowing users to segment and categorize leads. The reminders sent by the platform help sales teams follow up with each lead while accessing a detailed history of calls, emails, and meetings. Your company can access Pipedrive by choosing from five pricing plans – Essential, Advanced, Professional, Power, and Enterprise.


As a CRM system, Copper helps your inside sales team store customer relationship data in a centralized location. Copper further boosts customer interaction through the automation of routine tasks and important notifications. The marketing automation tool provided by Copper facilitates personalized customer interaction.

Also, sales representatives can track the real-time status of deals by creating pipelines. The software makes it easier for them to monitor inside sales activities by supporting custom report generation. Your company can access the required features and tools by subscribing to the Basic, Professional, or Business edition of Copper.

ZoomInfo Sales OS

ZoomInfo boosts the productivity of inside sales teams by providing a solution called Sales OS. It helps sales representatives find ready-to-buy companies by featuring sales prospecting software. The software scores lead based on buying signals and data-driven insights.

The conversation intelligence shared by Sales OS tracks key accounts and shares insights by analyzing communication across channels. At the same time, the sales team can automate manual activities by integrating the software with existing tech tools and solutions. Your company can gather pricing information by filling up a form.

This AI-powered software platform helps inside sales representatives close more deals by providing four solutions – Enrich, Prospect, Engage, and Close. In addition to synchronizing data automatically to the CRM software, Enrich helps users ensure data accuracy and completeness. Prospect identifies high-quality prospects using lead-scoring techniques.

Also, it provides accurate and up-to-date information to the sales representatives. Engage helps them connect with prospects by making phone calls, sending emails, or scheduling meetings. The AI=powered insights shared by Close help users close more deals. Your company can access by subscribing to the Free, Basic, Professional, or Organization pricing plans.


This agile sales engagement platform enables sales representatives to customize sales activities according to a prospect’s buying journey. They can use Klenty to identify cold, warm, and hot prospects. Also, the software helps them focus on meeting-ready accounts. Sales teams can use the platform to engage prospects using multiple channels – telephone, emails, LinkedIn, and text messages.

Klenty facilitates sales sequencing and sales outreach optimization by sharing data-driven insights. At the same time, the AI-powered writing tool provided by the platform helps users build sequences from scratch without putting in extra time and effort. Your company can access Klenty by subscribing to the Startup, Growth, Pro, or Enterprise pricing plan.


The best inside sales software helps your sales representatives close more deals in a remote setting. In addition to streamlining lead generation, nurturing, and conversion tasks, they facilitate multichannel customer communication and data-driven decision-making.

However, you should remember that each inside sales solution boots the productivity of salespeople in a specific way. Some of these tools are developed as customer relationship management (CRM) software, while others automate specific activities like lead generation, customer communication, or meeting scheduling.

Hence, you should shortlist inside sales software that meets the precise needs of your inside sales teams. You can further enable sales representatives to stay connected with potential customers and close more deals by implementing multiple inside sales tools. At the same time, you must control ongoing costs by choosing the right pricing plans.

This blog was originally published in Pandabloggers and is re-published here.

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