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AI Tools for Content Marketing

As a prominent Industry 4.0 technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the content creation process. Most content creators these days use AI content writing tools to generate content ideas and reduce content creation time. Likewise, most marketers use AI plagiarism checkers to differentiate between human-generated content and AI-generated content.

However, content creators and marketers can use AI tools for content marketing to automate various activities and gain a competitive advantage. For instance, some of these tools help them optimize content for Google Multisearch by generating relevant images. Likewise, content creators can use specific tools to generate hashtags, captions, and author bios.

We are discussing some of these AI tools for content marketing that help enterprises save time and resources by automating various primary tasks and activities.

9 Important AI Tools for Content Marketing Automation

Hubspot AI

This popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform boosts content marketing automation by featuring three AI-powered tools. The AI Blog Writer provided by Hubspot enables writers to conduct initial research and produce content by sharing topics and using prompts. Likewise, digital marketers can use the AI Email Writer to design, craft, and customize emails using email marketing templates.

At the same time, Hubspot makes it easier for them to generate SEO titles and descriptions for a web page automatically by featuring the Meta Description Generator. Digital marketers can avail of these AI tools for content writing along with the content management software – CMS Hub – provided by Hubspot.


This premium digital marketing platform automates content marketing by providing a slew of AI-powered tools. The keyword list generator provided by Clickup helps marketers generate a comprehensive list of keywords – competitive, niche, and unique.

At the same time, marketers can use the software to generate content briefs and outlines based on the desired keywords. They can further use the content calendar templates provided by Clickup to organize and schedule content across channels – websites, blogs, social networks, and emails.


In addition to being an AI content generator, Surfer helps marketers optimize the content for search engines by providing a set of AI-powered tools. Writers can use the AI-powered content editor provided by the software to gather relevant keywords and get optimization ideas.

They can choose and include relevant keywords in the content using important parameters like search intent, monthly search volumes, and keyword difficulty score. Additionally, the tool helps them boost content quality by performing readability and plagiarism checking.


FeedHive automates social media content management using AI algorithms. Digital marketers can use the AI-powered tool to boost social media posts by adding variables and dynamic content. The scheduling tool provided by the software helps them plan and schedule social media content visually.

Likewise, the social inbox provided by FeedHive makes it easier for them to engage with the target audience by tracking likes, comments, and replies. At the same time, FeedHive uses AI and data analytics to help marketers decide the posting time, generate hashtags, and boost content reach.


Copysmith helps digital marketers speed up short-form content creation using AI technologies. Marketers can use this AI-powered tool to accelerate the creation of a variety of short-form content – emails, landing pages, PPC ads, and product descriptions. Along with generating short-form content, Copysmith optimizes them for search engines including relevant keywords.

Also, marketers can use the software to write and organize product descriptions by importing an entire product catalog. They have the option to integrate Copysmith with several widely used e-commerce tools and platforms. Copysmith rewrites and optimizes the product descriptions instantly whenever the need arises.


Marketmuse uses AI technologies to boost an important aspect of content marketing – planning and optimization. It helps marketers create and publish relevant content by conducting content audits automatically. In addition, the software uses predictive analytics to create automated content plans at page and site levels.

At the same time, Marketmuse boosts SEO campaigns by highlighting what the target audience asks and what their search intent is. The data-driven insights shared by the software make it easier for strategists to structure content by choosing topics that help beat competitors, build authority, and rank higher on SERPs.

Adobe Firefly

Google’s multisearch feature makes it essential for content marketers to include relevant images in articles and blogs. Adobe Firefly helps them help them optimize content for multi-search engines by simplifying text-to-image conversions. A marketer can use the prompt provided by the software to generate eye-catching images by entering textual content.

The prompt generates four distinct images based on the text entered by him. Hence, he can choose the image that matches the content perfectly. At the same time, he can customize and optimize the AI-generated image by changing color, lighting, style, aspect ratios, and other attributes. The marketers also have the option to include the image in blogs, articles, social media posts, and flyers.

Crayon AI

Crayon AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to share competitive insights with marketers. After scanning the competitive landscape, the software identifies and shares the most relevant insights with the users. Also, it uses Generative AI to help marketers understand the content published by competitors.

While making content marketing strategies, marketers can leverage competitive insights to get fresh ideas, track changes made by competitors, and evaluate content published by competitors. At the same time, Crayon makes it easier for marketers to outperform competitors by sharing best practices and benchmarks.


Most customers these days prefer watching videos and listening to podcasts to reading articles, blogs, and other textual content. Descript aims to make video recording and editing as simple as editing documents and slides by leveraging AI technologies. It enables marketers to create videos using screen capture and webcam recordings.

The platform makes it easier for digital marketers to produce high-quality videos and podcasts by providing a set of AI-powered features. Marketers can leverage these AI-powered features to convert textual content into podcasts, edit videos by making changes to the transcript, and show subjects by removing the default video background.


In addition to accelerating the content generation process, AI tools help marketers track the performance of content using multiple KPIs. But we must remember that each of these AI tools for content marketing has its pros and cons. Marketers must keep in mind the pros of individual AI-powered tools to boost content marketing automation and increase content marketing ROI.

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