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Website Performance Metrics Every Site Owner Should Look at

Website Performance Metrics Every Site Owner Should Look at in 2021

Businesses use websites as a powerful tool to accomplish a slew of goals – generate leads, drive sales, and automate customer service delivery. But no business can accomplish the predefined business objectives without delivering a superior user experience continuously. The user experience delivered by a website is directly impacted by its accessibility, usability, functionality, performance, […]

What are Rich Snippets

What are Rich Snippets?

While delivering search results, Google provides additional information about the content and URL by displaying a concise sample of the content. The sample of the content or additional data displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) is called rich snippets or rich results. Google introduced the rich snippets feature in 2009 with the aim to […]

Link Building Tactics for Beginners

10 Easy Link Building Tactics for Beginners

The search engines use a wide variety of ranking signals to deliver relevant search results to searchers. As one of the key search engine ranking signals, backlinks, inbound links, or incoming hyperlinks make search engine algorithms understand if the content is relevant, credible, valuable, and useful. Both beginners and experienced digital marketers implement link building […]