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Landing Page Optimization Tricks

Landing Page Optimization Tricks

Unlike other web pages on a website, a landing page does not form first impressions on visitors by providing information about your business, brand, products, or services. Instead, these standalone web pages convert website visitors into leads or customers by making them take the desired action. While designing landing pages, you should focus on achieving […]

Revenue Marketing Connecting-Marketing-with-Revenue

Revenue Marketing: Connecting Marketing with Revenue

Businesses use various marketing strategies to generate and increase revenue consistently. Both conventional and digital marketing strategies consider marketing as a cost center. But revenue marketing, unlike other marketing strategies, considers marketing as a revenue center. The goal-oriented approach drives customer acquisition and increases revenue using widely used digital marketing channels and techniques. Also, it […]

B2B Lead Scoring - A Quick Guide

B2B Lead Scoring: A Quick Guide

B2B companies and startups generate leads regularly using both organic and paid lead generation strategies. But the chances of a B2B lead becoming a paying customer varies. As a tried-trusted methodology, B2B lead scoring or B2B account scoring helps marketers and salespeople differentiate ready-to-buy leads from least likely-to-buy leads. The sales and marketing teams compare […]

Paid Search Strategies that will get Results

Paid Search Strategies that will get Results in 2023

In 2023, businesses will spend their advertising expenditures on both organic search and paid search. They will increase organic traffic to their websites regularly by launching search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. But many companies and startups will increase paid search budgets to increase brand awareness by 80% and get up to 200% return on investment […]

Performance marketing vs brand marketing

Performance Marketing vs Brand Marketing

Businesses these days drive customer acquisition and sale conversion by implementing multiple marketing strategies. Some of these marketing strategies achieve preset goals in a short amount of time, while others deliver great results in the long run. Brand marketing is a long-term marketing strategy, while performance marketing is a short-term marketing strategy. Hence, brand marketing […]