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Lead Qualification Checklist

Lead Qualification Checklist for the Aspiring Salespeople

Digital marketing campaigns help your business generate open leads regularly from multiple communication channels. But every open lead may fit your ideal customer profile or become a paying customer. You must filter and evaluate open leads based on their purchasing potential. The lead qualification process helps you identify leads that will make an actual purchase […]

What is Lead Scoring

What is Lead Scoring – A Definitive Guide

Your business can easily collect leads from various sources by running inbound marketing campaigns. But you must nurture the leads effectively by sending the right information at the right time to drives sales conversion. As a key step in the lead nurturing process, lead scoring helps you to determine the worthiness of prospective customers by […]

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

Saurav, One of my good friends, who has recently set up his own startup recently, called me last Friday evening and asked me “Hey, I have started working on my 2021 marketing plan. We have a robust email marketing plan ready. Can you quickly tell me what are the other ways to generate B2B leads”. […]