Programming Languages Ranking

The programmers have the option to write the same software application in various programming languages. But they must remember that the programming languages ranking change every year. Some new age programming languages gain popularity in a short amount of time. At the same time, the popularity of mature and widely-used programming languages keep declining from time to time.

Hence, the programmers often find it challenging to pick the most relevant programming language to write the next software application. They need to evaluate the pros and cons of each programming language using a variety of parameters. Many websites make it easier for software developers by updating these ranking regularly.

While ranking the programming languages, the websites consider a variety of factors – popular search engines, number of skilled programmers and number of courses. However, there are many instances when a programming languages does not features in the list of top 10 programming languages despite being used widely by programmers.

For instance, Stackoverflow has been ranking Rust as the most loved programming language over last five years. But Rust does not feature in the programming languages ranking published by several websites. Hence, the programmers cannot choose the right programming language simply by referring to the most recent programming languages ranking.

They must remember that each of the widely used programming language has its own pros and cons. Also, the trends in programming keep changing at frequent intervals. There was a time when NoSQL databases were all set to SQL due to big data processing. But SQL databases are still more popular than SQL databases in 2020. Also, the blockchain-based databases are currently one of the hottest trends in programming.

We believe in helping programmers to compare various programming languages using a number of parameters in addition to programming languages ranking. In addition to highlight the pros and cons of individual programming languages, we recommend the beginners to learn some of the most popular programming languages and help experienced programmers to choose the programming language for writing next generation software applications.

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