Programming Languages List

Many websites help programmers to use and learn the right programming language by updating top programming languages list regularly. While preparing the programming languages list, they evaluate the popularity of a programming language by analyzing information collected from many sources including search engines and online discussion forums.

But each programmer these days have the option to write the same piece of software in a number of programming languages. For instance, a programmer can write a native Android app in one of the two official programming languages for Android mobile platform – Java and Kotlin. At the same time, she can leverage robust cross-platform mobile app development platforms like Xamarin to write an Android app in C# or JavaScript.

Also, the popularity of a programming language changes from time to time due to a variety of factors. Some programming languages like Swift and Kotlin gain popularity in a short amount of time. At the same time, the popularity of mature programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript and Python remain intact over a period of time. At the same time, the popularity of specific programming languages increase suddenly due to specific events or requirements.

For instance, the Covid-19-pandemic surprisingly made COBOL feature in the top programming languages list in suddenly and unexpectedly. That is why; the smarter code writers never learn and use a programming language simply based on their current popularity and market share. They always understand the simple fact that each technology appearing in the top programming languages list has its own pros and cons.

The experienced programmers always compare the pros and cons of different programming language before writing a software application. They focus on choosing a programming language will remain relevant and popular in future. Also, they emphasize on leveraging a programming language to keep the source code of the software concise, maintainable, and structures. Likewise, the beginners must learn multiple programming languages to write the software in the right programming language.

Both beginners and experienced programmers must refer to the latest programming languages list while shorlisting programming languages for their next project. But they must compare the programming language using the right parameters. They must keep in mind a number of factors, in addition to the current and future popularity of each programming language.

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