Advanced SEO Concepts

The website owners and bloggers should keep a tab on the advanced SEO concepts to rank their content better in various search engines.

Here are some points you should always look out for:

1. Update Meta Title, Meta Descriptions and Image alt tags. Make sure that there is no duplicate meta tags.

2. Keep a check on the Page speed statistics.

3. Keep the site optimized for mobile devices. Remember they come in each possible sizes.

4. Keep the XML sitemap updated with all recent pages.

5. Make sure to put all the right directives in the Robots.txt file.

6. Keep an eye on Crawl Budget. If you run a WordPress site, use the tags wisely. Dont allow the blank tag pages to get crawled.

7. Always create AMP versions of your important pages. They do really well in mobiles.

8. Always put Canonical tags. Putting Self Canonical is also a good practice.

9. Keep an eye on the paginated content.

10. Use Structured data, it provides the right information to the crawlers and also helps in better ranking of your pages.

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