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Web Analytics Tools for Businesses

Best Web Analytics Tools for Businesses

The average daily time spent online by internet users has been increasing steadily. The consistent increase in desktop and internet consumption per capita creates opportunities for businesses to drive and increase traffic to their website by implementing various inbound marketing strategies. A business can drive more visitors to its website from multiple channels by running […]

Digital Marketing KPIs for Aspiring Marketers

Digital Marketing KPIs for Aspiring Marketers

Unlike traditional media, digital media makes it easier for aspiring marketers to drive on lead generation and lead conversion activities through direct interaction with consumers. Aspiring marketers can further customize marketing strategies and curtail marketing expenditure by interacting with customers through a wide range of digital marketing channels – websites, mobile apps, organic search, paid […]

Tips to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

9 Tips to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Different types of digital marketing campaigns help businesses achieve and sustain growth by making customer acquisition an ongoing process. A business can run both organic and paid digital marketing campaigns to both acquire new prospects and convert existing prospects into customers. But no business can increase profit without controlling and reducing customer acquisition costs. According […]

Important SaaS Marketing Metrics

Critical SaaS Marketing Metrics to Track

In addition to being intangible, Software as a Service (SaaS) products are being updated by the provider frequently. Also, potential buyers perform elaborate research by analyzing the information gathered from diverse online sources. Leading businesses these days promote their cloud-based software solutions by sending quality and targeted content to leads throughout the buying cycle. In […]