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Best Website Monetization Tools

8 Best Website Monetization Tools

As a content creator or content publisher, you can drive organic traffic to your website by publishing blogs, vlogs, or podcasts regularly. But you cannot convert the website traffic into revenue without focusing on website monetization. You can make money from the website by implementing several website monetization strategies. For instance, you can convert the […]

Mediavine Review

Mediavine Review

While monetizing their websites and blogs, content creators and content publishers often opt for Google Ads and Google AdSense. Many content creators these days look for Google AdSense alternatives to generate more income regularly. Unlike other ad networks, Mediavine shares 75% of revenue with content creators. A content publisher can earn more ad revenue if […]

Google Adsense Guide

A Video Guide to Google AdSense

The content creators and publishers can monetize their online content using a wide range of ad serving applications and platforms. But Google AdSense currently dominates the online adverting network market with a whopping market share of 60.87%. Why bloggers and content publishers rely on AdSense to generate recurring income? And what makes Google AdSense different […]

Ad Networks for Bloggers

17 Important Ad Networks for Bloggers

Within a short span of time, blogging has emerged as a lucrative career option. Many bloggers these days write and publish blogs regularly to earn a salary. At the same time, many salaried professionals have become full-time bloggers to earn more income. The amount of money a blogger can earn differs based on a myriad […]